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July Sept 2016

Huijnen, V. et al. Fire carbon emissions over maritime southeast Asia in 2015 largest since 1997. Nature Publishing Group 6, 1–8 (2016).

This paper uses C-IFS  model simulations (with TM5 chemistry) to optimize fire carbon emissions based on MOPITT CO columns. 

Figure 4. Left  panel: Evolution of the 3-day running mean CO column amounts calculated over the maritime southeast Asian region from C-IFS-GFAS (blue) and C-IFS-BG (red, solid), as compared to MOPITT observations (black). Bias of C-IFS-BG CO column amounts with respect to MOPITT are also shown (red, dash). In grey dashes we shown the number of 1° × 1° gridded observational samples (right axis). Right panel: Evolution of GFAS23 (blue) and BG (red) CO emissions. In grey the corresponding total carbon emissions (right axis). 

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