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March April 2015

I.T. van der Laan-Luijkx, I.R. van der Velde, M.C. Krol, L.V. Gatti, J.B. Miller, M. Gloor, T.T. van Leeuwen, J.W. Kaiser, C. Wiedinmyer, S. Basu, C. Clerbaux, W. Peters, Reduction of vegetation carbon uptake in response to the 2010 droughts in Amazonia derived with CarbonTracker South America, Submitted Manuscript, 2015

This paper discusses the impact of the 2010 drought on the carbon balance of the Amazon. Fire emissions are obtained from various biomass burning inventories: GFAS, FINN, and SibCasa-GFED4. Moreover, emissions are optimized by assimilating IASI observations and aircraft CO profiles. The figure compares various profile observations to simulations that employ the various emission estimates. Bars on the green lines denote variability in the observations. 

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