May June 2016 

This paper investigates the ozone and carbon monoxide budget over the Eastern Mediterranean with the TM4 model. 

Fig. 5. O3 annual (2008; BASE simulation) budget analysis for Western (a,c; shaded area) and Eastern Mediterranean (b,d; non-shaded area) for a,b) the free troposphere (FT; upper figure) and c,d) the boundary layer (BL;  bottom figure) including the burden, the chemistry, the deposition and the fluxes at each boundary. All budget terms and fluxes (Tg yr−1) are annual totals; burdens (Tg) are annual averages. Straight arrows indicate N-S and W-E advection fluxes, while curved arrows indicate vertical fluxes from the upper troposphere to the FT and from the FT to the BL.

  © Maarten Krol 2016