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May June 2016 

Myriokefalitakis S., N. Daskalakis, G. S. Fanourgakis, A. Voulgarakis, M. C. Krol, J. M. J. Aan de Brugh and M. Kanakidou, Pollution over the Mediterranean Basin: The Importance of Long-Range Transport on ozone and carbon monoxide, Science of The Total Environment,563–564, Pages 40–521, September 2016.

This paper investigates the ozone and carbon monoxide budget over the Eastern Mediterranean with the TM4 model. 

Fig. 5. O3 annual (2008; BASE simulation) budget analysis for Western (a,c; shaded area) and Eastern Mediterranean (b,d; non-shaded area) for a,b) the free troposphere (FT; upper figure) and c,d) the boundary layer (BL;  bottom figure) including the burden, the chemistry, the deposition and the fluxes at each boundary. All budget terms and fluxes (Tg yr−1) are annual totals; burdens (Tg) are annual averages. Straight arrows indicate N-S and W-E advection fluxes, while curved arrows indicate vertical fluxes from the upper troposphere to the FT and from the FT to the BL.

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