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November 2015 January 2016

Verstraeten, W. W., Neu, J. L., WIlliams, J. E., Bowman, K. W., Worden, J. R., and Boersma, K. F.,  Rapid increases in tropospheric ozone production and export from China. Nature Geosci 8, 690–695 (2015).

This papers investigates the influence of Chinese NOx emissions on intercontinental transport of ozone

Figure 3: The effect of Chinese emissions and long-range transport on tropospheric O3 over the western US. a, Monthly deseasonalized di erence between the global TM5 run with observationally constrained 2005–2010 anthropogenic NOx emissions and the TM5 run with constant 2005 NOX emissions for China and observationally constrained emissions everywhere else. b, Difference in O3 in the free troposphere (∼460 hPa) between the two TM5 runs for April–May 2010 sampled at the Aura overpass time. c, As for b but showing the lower troposphere (∼800 hPa). See paper for details.

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