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November December 2014

Noije, T.P.C. van, P. Le Sager, A.J. Segers, P.F.J. van Velthoven, M.C. Krol, W. Hazeleger, A.G. Williams and C.D. Chambers, Simulation of tropospheric chemistry and aerosols with the climate model EC-Earth, Geoscientific Model Development, 2014, 7, 2435-2475, doi:10.5194/gmd-7-2435-2014.

EC-Earth is a climate model that runs with the TM5 chemiscal core. It simulates a free running climate and the meteorological fields are coupled to TM5. This figure shows the zonal mean O3 mixing ratios in the reference EC-Earth simulation (top), the differences compared to the corresponding ERA- Interim TM5 simulation (middle), and the contribution from the stratospheric O3 tracer (O3S) to these differences (bottom) for boreal winter (left) and boreal summer (right).


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